Getting Rid of Plant’s pests

Hi everyone. This is Martha here. I am studying environmental sciences and also use to do research on different topics regarding my subject. Recently I found some ways of getting rid of the plant’s pests and I thought to create a blog to share my experience with the people now and in future as well. 

The pests of plants destroy their existence and also deteriorate their beauty as well. The garden can get totally destroyed by these pests and some measures should be taken so that these pests can be destroyed and the plants can be saved.

The basic measure which is taken to destroy pests is to use anti pests spray on the plants. But sometimes in the case of food producing plant like that of vegetables or fruits, these sprays can be harmful. So, in this case the best method which can be used to prevent the plants from attack of pests is to spray these plants with eucalyptol oil, which is not harmful for the fruit bearing plants and is available very easily everywhere. Caffeine spray can also be used to avoid the attack of pets on the plants as well as the fruits. You should always take appropriate steps to get rid of these unwanted creatures.